Important Details.

Privacy Policy

It’s a simple, straight NO BS! Online Pharmacy.
You fill the checkout form with your delivery details, You Pay, I Ship your order.
No record of your address or anything once your order is delivered. Simple as that.

Payment Method

I have a family and I can’t let DEA bust my ass, It’s why I only use Crypto i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash

PayPal and Credit card is only available for consecutive buyers. Only if we done trade worth $2000 in past.

Reship & Refunds

Forget about it. Why?

  1. The shit I am selling is 100% legitimate.
  2. My delivery success is 89%.
  3. If the package is lost then you will get 80% reship and you will pay the shipping fee.

You can request a reship if

  1. Your package got lost. (Free Reship)
  2. More that 50% pills are damaged. (You will pay the shipping)

Still got any question? send me an email